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Shirataki For Quick Weight Loss

I have received several questions by email about using Shirataki for quick weight loss.  While they can be used for such a purpose this should be approached with caution.  In my previous articles and newsletters I have discussed the importance that soluble fiber in your diet.  But remember that shirtakaki noodles have ONLY soluble fiber.  Yes, they will fill you up and completely satiate you but you need to be careful to get the proper nutrients if you are to use shirakai for quick weight loss.

I suggest that if you are making shirataki noodles a central part of a meal that it must be accompanied by a lean protein like chicken breast, fish or bison (my favorite) and at least a small portion of a carbohydrate, perhaps a small piece of fruit as a dessert.  Although not a huge fan of the Atkins Diet, the Shirataki Miracle Noodle can be used as it has a very low glycemic index and no impact carbohydrates.  If you were to replace all of your carbs with te Shirataki Miracle Noodle you would essentially be doing an Atkins diet.  Again I am not a fan of this diet but this is an informational article so there you have it:)

There is another issue if you are looking to use shirataki for quick weight loss.  The sudden incorportion of large amounts of soluble fiber in your diet will likely lead to bloating.  You body although built to run best with soluble fiber in your diet has trouble handling it if it isn’t used to it.  If you already eat large amounts of fiber in your diet then this should be no problem but the typical American consumes only 11 g of fiber per day.  One bag of shirataki Miracle Noodles has 9 grams!

In summary, shirataki for quick weight loss will work but must be done by combining it with proper nutrients found in vegetables,  a lean protein, and a sensible carbohydrate.  Shirataki Miracle Noodles are best used for weight loss when used to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, increase the fiber content, and to provide a feeling of fullness for those who always feel uncomfortably hungry while on diets.

Please email me with any questions at docjon at I may use your email (anonymously of course) in my next newsletter that you can sign up for on the bottom of the our pasta page.

To You and Yours In Health,

Dr. Lewis Carp

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