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What are Yam Noodles?

We have received several emails about the difference between yam noodles, shirataki, and konnyaku.

The short answer is that they are all the same.

Konnyaku is the general name for this product in Japan. When it is made into noodles it is called Shirataki (not to be confused with Shiitake which is a mushroom) which means white waterfall.
The Japanese buy konnyaku in blocks that they then slice like a vegetarian sashimi and dip in soy sauce or even yummy to us a sweet miso.
The term yam noodles is a term that has come about in the US as another way to describe this. The konnyaku plant is not in anyway related to the yam that we know but since it is a tuber some people in the US have been calling this noodle a yam noodle.
In respect of the Japanese who came up with this amazing, dare I say miraculous noodle, we prefer to use the Japanese term shirataki!! Some businesses have been calling them yam noodles and saying that it is new creation - this we believe to be unethical and misleading.

For how the Japanese use konnyaku definitely get a copy of the book Washoku!! If you haven't gotten a copy of Washoku : Recipes From The Japanese Home Kitchen get your copy today from Amazon.

In further articles, I will discuss the use of salt rubbing and blanching the noodles for other benefits. All of these methods are covered in detail in Washoku.

Warm Regards,

The MiracleNoodle Team

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