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Top 3 Ways To Get Started

This is a guest post from Louise Hendon, co-founder of Paleo Flourish Magazine. Did you know that most people who start a Paleo diet don’t end up sticking with it? It’s true. And most people never reach their goals, whether it’s losing weight, healing an illness, or just feeling better. And yet… I’ve seen thousands of people have amazing success with a Paleo diet, sometimes losing a lot of weight, healing conditions (like arthritis or autoimmune disorders) that they’ve had for many years, and feeling […]


Top Health Stories of 2014

These 5 Top Health Stories of 2014 Might Seem Obvious, But the Proof is … as they say, in the Pudding It’s not all about noodles on the Miracle Noodle Blog.  We want to be a terrific source of health info for you in 2015 (can you believe it’s almost 2015?!), so here’s a recap of some of the top health stories of 2014…. Exercise Can Cure Depression While this seem like a no-brainer, studies published in 2014 proved that exercise has a tremendous affect […]


Top 3 Ways to Prevent Getting Sick this Winter

Nobody likes getting sick.  But few people take these 5 steps to prevent getting the cold or even worse, the flu. These 5 tips are no guarantee, of course, that you will prevent getting sick, but if followed during late fall and throughout winter, you’ll increase your chances of staying healthy. So let’s jump right in: Exercise Regularly … But not too Much As winter weather bears down, we tend to hibernate and become sedentary. It’s very important that we continue to get movement and activity […]


What is Celiac Disease? What is it Like to Have Symptoms?

“I Was Devastated at the Thought That I’d Never Be Able to Eat Pasta Again!”  Catherine Johnstone is a 25-year old personal fitness trainer who lives in Cairns, Australia. Cairns, located in the north of Queensland, is a popular destination because of its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. Imagine a beautiful day snorkeling in the Reef, followed by joining friends and family for dinner on a warm, tropical night in Cairns. But having dinner at a restaurant with Catherine’s condition could be way more dangerous […]


What’s Better for Weight Loss: A Low-Carb or Low-Fat Diet?

Call it ‘Atkins’. Or ‘Paleo’. Call it what you will. Though these two mega popular diets do have their differences, what they have in common is that they are both low in carbs. And low carb diets have recently been clinically proven to be better for your overall health and for weight loss. We’re not suggesting feasting on bacon, eggs, butter, cheese and other high fatty foods loved by Atkins dieters. But we do encourage you to check in with your current diet: Are you eating low […]