The Skinny on the HCG Diet

The Miracle Noodle Team receives emails from around the world everyday praising our shirataki noodles for helping with weight loss. And occasionally, Miracle Noodle devotees tell us they’ve done the HCG diet to help with successful weight loss.  So it begs the question, what does the Miracle Noodle Team think of the HCG diet? Here’s our answer…. To lose weight, would you get injected with, or take a supplement that comes from the hormone that’s extracted from the urine of pregnant women? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, aka HCG, […]

Can You Eat Bread if You’re on a Low-Carb Diet?

Bread is usually one of the first things people give up when hopping on the Low-Carb bandwagon. But is it really necessary to entirely give up bread? The main reason most low-carb dieters ditch bread, of course, is because bread is usually high in carbs. Most conventional breads are made with enriched flour (read: white flour), which is stripped of the nutritious elements (fiber, for example) contained in wheat. The carbs in white-flour breads quickly convert into sugar. So there are two big strikes against […]

How to Avoid Overeating on the Holidays

Image courtesy of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, Easter, and more…. Feasting on these holidays and other grand-occasion get-togethers can derail you off the weight-management healthy train. So what to do? Here’s a couple pieces of advice that’s counter-inuitive to the conventional theory that it’s important not to overeat on the holidays. On the contrary! Eat, eat and eat some more on feast days. The first dietary theory for holidays is to eat a lot. A lot of veggies, that […]

Eat Saturated Fat for Weight Loss?

Everyone knows saturated fat is bad for you, right? Every TV health expert or article that you’ve read probably has recommended avoiding fats that are bad for the heart such as trans- and saturated-fats. But are saturated fats as bad for you as you think? Can some saturated fats even help with weight loss?  Here’s why saturated fats have had a bad rap for the past 60+ years: As Americans started eating less natural foods–the necessity of getting food over to soldiers in Europe and […]

Even if Oatmeal is Gluten-Free, is it Healthy?

Assuming your oatmeal is gluten-free (read “Is Oatmeal Gluten-Free?”), lots of health experts recommend eating it to reduce cholesterol and preventing heart disease? But what’s the true scoop on oatmeal?    A half-cup serving of a leading brand of quick oats (cooked with milk) contains the following: –190 calories –27 grams of carbohydrates –4 grams of fiber –5 grams of protein –3 grams of fat (.5 gram saturated) –10 percent daily value (DV) of iron  Oatmeal also contains lots of minerals. A cup of the same […]